Former NFL QB Jared Lorenzen Launches Weight-Loss Project After Ballooning To Over 500 Pounds (VIDEO)

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Jared Lorenzen is ready for a change and it very well may save his life in the process.

The former NFL QB last played football for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters of the Continental Indoor Football League in 2014. He was always considered a heavy-set player, but it got way out of control last year when he saw his weight skyrocket to over 500 pounds.

His nickname “The Hefty Lefty”, which he got while backing up Eli Manning, is not something he wants to be known as anymore, so he finally decided to do something about his weight. Lorenzen plans on documenting his weight-loss journey through “The Jared Lorenzen Project,” as he explains during a preview he recently released.

“Right now, if I didn’t wake up tomorrow, it wouldn’t be a shock to many people,” Lorenzen says in the video. “‘Well, yeah, well look how big he is. Damn.'”

“The Jared Lorenzen Project” is set to go live on the Now Lets Get Fit Foundation’s website beginning Sept. 18.

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