These Amazing Nike LeBron 14s Are Inspired by WWE Legends (PICS)

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You might be wondering what wrestlers have to do with LeBron James or even sneakers. Well, you can stop wondering, because the end result of Nike’s newest LeBrons speak for themselves. The shoes are inspired by the color schemes of LeBron’s favorite wrestlers, and they’re…well, they’re great.

Entitled the “Belt Pack,” they run for $140 each, and look like this:

Ultimate Warrior



Ric Flair



The Undertaker



Pretty great, huh? LeBron’s got great taste in wrestlers. Or…their color schemes, at least. Those Ultimate Warrior kicks really are something else, even if they can’t be used to troll Golden State, thanks to their decisive Finals win over Cleveland.

If you’re looking ot purchase a pair for yourself, you can do so here.

Hat Tip – [Sneaker News]

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