Paul Millsap Sues Baby Mama; Takes DNA Test Because He Wasn’t Sure 4 Kids Were His


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Paul Millsap, by all means, is not a guy you’d expect to see going through any type of controversy, but when you’re a rich athlete who’s dealing with a woman longterm, things are bound to happen sooner or later.

Last month, the former Atlanta Hawks star agreed to a 3-year, $90 million deal with the Denver Nuggets. This month, he and his long-time baby mother finally came to an agreement regarding the four children they have together.

“Paul Millsap has reached a confidential settlement with his baby mama – who he demanded undergo a psychological exam only months prior. The court has finally ordered him to be the legal father of his 4 kids.

The mother of his children – Latoria Millsap – and Paul were able to agree confidentially on custody and legitimation. The court order states the NBA star is the legal father and is to be considered the legitimate offspring of the father.

Earlier this year, Millsap sued baby mama, Latoria Scott seeking legitimation, custody, visitation and other relief

The duo share 4 kids – daughter Xylah (born 2003), daughter Pnauyona (born 2005), daughter Paular (born 2013) and son Porter (born 2014), but have never been married.
He admits he is the father of all the kids subject to DNA testing. The children have lived with both parents since 2009 until present. The NBA star explains he has covered pregnancy costs and provided support throughout their lives and will continue.”

That’s a lot of stuff going on at one time.

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