UCF Kicker Donald De La Haye Loses NCAA Eligibility Over Monetized YouTube Channel (Video)

donald de la haye ineligible over monetized youtube videos

University of Central Florida place kicker Donald De La Haye chose to give up his NCAA eligibility on Monday rather than comply with NCAA rules that say he cannot make money off his own image.

He’s now the new poster boy for NCAA reform.

De La Haye has been making videos that document his day-to-day life as a student athlete and posting them on his monetized YouTube account for several months. Many of the videos show De La Haye training and practicing in school facilities. Because the videos are monetized, De La Haye receives an unspecified amount of money per view.

The University of Central Florida athletic department learned about the videos early on and began investigating whether or not they violated the NCAA amateurism policy. When the school learned that the videos did violate the policy, they applied to the NCAA for a waiver on De La Haye’s behalf. The NCAA granted this waiver, which allowed De La Haye to continue to make money on videos that did not reference his status as a student-athlete. However, any videos depicting him as a student-athlete would have to be posted on a non-monetized account.

On Monday, De La Haye informed the University of Central Florida that he would not accept these conditions. This left UCF with no choice but to cut him and rescind his athletic scholarship.

Here’s the school’s full statement:

De La Haye’s decision to reject the NCAA’s ruling puts him at the center of the debate over the NCAA’s stance on amateurism.

Last month he posted a video explaining the choice he’d been given by the University of Central Florida:

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On Monday he posted a video explaining the decision he’s made:

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Clearly De La Haye understood what was at stake and chose YouTube over football. However, a lot of people think it’s unfair he had to make this choice at all.

Let the debates begin.

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