LaVar Ball Says He’s Better Than Gronk But His Former Teammates Say He Was ‘Garbage’

LaVar Ball

On Tuesday, LaVar Ball took his trolling talent from the NBA to the NFL when he boldly stated he would’ve been “too fast, too strong,” and a better athlete than Rob Gronkowski.

“Gronkowski can’t hang with me back in my heyday.”

Some of his former teammates are now speaking out and they revealed that LaVar was so unknown and irrelevant that they didn’t even realize he was a former teammate until someone brought it to their attention.

“I kept seeing his name in the news, and never once, until you reached out to me, did I think, ‘That was my teammate,'” Damon Baldwin, team captain and center for the London Monarchs in 1995 (and now an offensive line coach at San Diego State University), tells B/R.

It gets much worse.

Kenny McEntyre, a cornerback who spent three seasons with the Monarchs before going on to play for 14 years in the Arena Football League, saw Ball’s football prospects differently.

“Man, he’s talking all that junk—and he was garbage,” McEntyre said. “Personally, I think the most athletic people in the world are basketball players, and he actually wasn’t a bad athlete, to be honest with you. But he was no comparison to what his kids are—let’s just put it like that.”

“He is the same guy that he was many years ago; he used to run his mouth all the time,” McEntyre said.

Added Titley: “LaVar was always the kind of guy who was a big talker, and when I say a big talker, I mean in good spirits—nothing mad or malicious. I can’t say a bad thing about him. He was always just saying some off-the-wall stuff with a big smile on his face. Just trying to get people’s attention, make you laugh.

“A lot of the stuff I’m reading and hearing about, I don’t think he’s really serious. I know he’s not serious—he’s not crazy. I think he’s just a loving dad who’s having fun with it all, to be honest with you.”

LaVar spent about two months on the Carolina Panthers practice sqaud before he was cut and not a soul remembers him at all. This was after he was dropped from the New York Jets squad back in 1995.

Long gone are Ball’s short-lived playing days and now we have the loud-mouth entrepreneur that wants his Big Baller Brand to be the next big thing. Love him or hate him, LaVar Ball isn’t going anywhere.

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