Turns Out Jon Jones’ Brutal KO of Daniel Cormier Was the Conclusion of His Sinister Master Plan (Video)

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Daniel Cormier (L) fights Jon Jones in the Light Heavyweight title bout during UFC 214 at Honda Center on July 29, 2017 in Anaheim, California. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Jon Jones reclaimed the UFC light heavyweight title and reminded us why he’s probably the greatest MMA fighter of all time with a vicious TKO victory over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 on Saturday.

According to UFC legend Frank Mir, Jones’ big comeback win was just part of a brilliant and downright diabolical master plan.

Back in May, after Jones-Cormier II was first announced, Mir did an interview in which he talked about training with Jones prior to his first fight against Cormier. During one training session, Jones told Mir that he knew he could beat Cormier quickly if he wanted to. However, Jones said a quick knockout would give Cormier hope and leave him optimistic about future fights. So instead Jones planned a grind-it-out victory to beat Cormier at his own game and crush his spirits. Then he could just go for quick knockouts in future fights.

Have a listen:


Here’s a transcript of Mir’s story courtesy of the folks at For the Win, for those of you who can’t listen to the audio:

The thing leading up to that fight that still shocks the [expletive] out of me: It was Wednesday [before the fight]. [Jon and I] had met up … he was asking something about a guillotine [choke] — one I had used on Cheick Kongo. So I’m showing him a little bit. Right off the bat, his guillotine is phenomenal .. and I was like man … you could end the fight [with that].

He was like, “No, I don’t want to use it in the fight.”

I was like, “What!?”

He goes, “Maybe as an additional threat. I could wrap it just as an additional threat to mess with his head … but I’m not gonna tap him.”

Now I’m like “Back it up, why are we not gonna try to tap him? Like if you get in a situation where you can choke him out, you’re not going to choke him out? No!”

And he’s looking at me like I’m the crazy guy.

Someone else listening to this goes, “So you don’t want to win the fight?”

He goes “No, no, no. I have to break him.” He goes, “We’re gonna have to fight each other again; I need to break him. And if I catch him — if I knock him out with a knee or if I submit him — he can go home and have something to focus on [where] that’s what happened; that’s what allowed me to win; I just caught him. But if I crush him, if I beat him at what he does best … I’ll forever own him. He’ll never be able to beat me … and maybe the next fight I go out and finish him real quick. But this fight, no, because that’s only going to allow him to have some justification. You didn’t beat me; you caught me.

When I was watching the post-fight press conference, I was like holy [expletive]… As far as his fight IQ and how to deal with people in a combat sport, the guy is a savant.

In the end, everything played out exactly like Jon Jones intended. He won his first fight against Daniel Cormier in 2015 via unanimous decision. Then he knocked him out with a kick to the head in 2017.

Jon Jones is a goddamn evil genius.

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