Former Boxing Champ Chris Eubank Thinks McGregor Will Beat Mayweather BECAUSE HE’S IRISH (Video)

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Most boxing experts will tell you Conor McGregor has absolutely no chance of beating Floyd Mayweather when the two square off in Vegas on August 26. However, former WBO middleweight and super-middleweight champion Chris Eubank says all these so-called experts are forgetting one important fact.

What is this important fact? Does Floyd Mayweather have some weakness that every expert plus all 49 of his previous opponents have somehow overlooked? Is he nursing an injury that McGregor can exploit?

Nope. The fact everyone is overlooking, according to Chris Eubank, is that Conor McGregor is Irish.


“What everyone knows about boxing is missing, what they’re not thinking about, what is so obvious, everybody is forgetting that he is an Irishman,” Eubank explains in a video posted on Facebook by Conor McGregor. “An Irish has a spirit that cannot They have a spirit that cannot… they are special people. They are amazing.”

Eubank goes on to compare the Irish to Maoris and Jamaicans, all “special people” with amazing “spirit” that cannot be contained, apparently.

Take a look:

That’s certainly an interesting take.

On a totally unrelated note, how many concussions do you reckon Chris Eubank suffered during his boxing career?

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