Gronk Thought Of The Perfect Birthday Gift for Tom Brady (VIDEO)

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Tom Brady is 40 years young, and as such, the media is asking what you get the QB who seemingly has it all. Rob Gronkowski, in his dim wisdom, had the perfect response. Touchdowns. You get him touchdowns.


Here’s the statement, straight from Gronk’s mouth:

If you’re not the video-watching type, here’s the transcript:

“I get him touchdowns. You gotta catch the ball. That’s all he wants.”

When asked why he’s working out with Brady’s trainer, Gronk says, “I look at him, and he turns 40 tomorrow, and he runs around like he’s younger than me. So, it’s pretty obvious right there.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

And, speaking of touchdowns…

Hat Tip – [CBS]


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