Swedish Fisherman Jumps Into Water After Fish Gets Away and CATCHES IT WITH HIS BARE HANDS (Video)

swedish dude greatest fisherman of all time

You are about to hear a fishing story so insane, there’s no way you would believe it if it hadn’t been caught on video.

The story comes to us from Sweden. This dude hooks what looks like a decent sized pike and reels it in to within 10 feet of his canoe. However, he apparently can’t get the thing all the way in, so he has to climb out onto the bank of the river to land the fish. Unfortunately, while he is making his way over to the fish, it somehow wiggles off the hook. The man wades into the shallow water to stop the fish, but it swims off before he gets there.

At that point you’d think the story is over. But no. Our Swedish fishing dude lets out an angry grunt, then dives into the water after the fish like a motherf%#&ing bear.

The woman he’s with is filming the whole thing, and she says something in Swedish that, based on the tone, sounds a lot like, “I cannot believe you just did that you idiot.” However, she quickly changes her tune when, miraculously, the dude emerges from the water like the king of Atlantis with the two-foot long fish in his hand.

Apparently overcome with a primordial hunting instinct, the dude then throws the fish onto the shore like he’s spiking a football.

Take a look:

Unfortunately, as you can see at the end of the video, our hero had his phone in his pocket when he dove into the river.

However, a $300 phone is a small price to pay for a video that proves you are THE GREATEST FISHERMAN OF ALL TIME.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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