24 Years Ago Today, Nolan Ryan Beat The Crap Out Of Robin Ventura (VIDEO)

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Happy Nolan Ryan day!

On Aug. 4, 1993, Robin Ventura thought he had an easy target when he decided to rush the mound after being hit by Nolan Ryan. Ventura took a few steps towards first base after being drilled in the arm, but quickly changed his mind as he decided to engage in a one-on-one battle with the 46-year-old Texas Rangers pitcher.

It turned out to be a bad idea, and one that has made Ventura forever known as the guy who got put in a headlock and pounded mercilessly by a pitcher that was a few years away from collecting social security:

“All I remember is that I couldn’t breathe,” says Ryan. “I thought I was going to black out and die, when all of a sudden I see two big arms tossing bodies off of me. It was [Chicago’s] Bo Jackson. He had come to my rescue, and I’m awful glad he did, because I was about to pass out. I called him that night and thanked him.”

After the game, Ventura tried to downplay his humiliation. “I’m all right,” Ventura said. “He gave me a couple of noogies, but that was about it.”

To make matters even worse, Ryan was never ejected from that game, but Ventura and Chicago manager Gene Lamont were.

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