Amir Khan Rants After Finding Out His Wife (Who He Disowned His Family For) Cheated With Anthony Joshua

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Amir Khan just entered his name for the biggest L of the century.

The former world champion boxer seems to be on the receiving end of a bit of bad karma after he recently found out his wife, Faryl Makhdoom, whom he married in 2013, has been cheating on him. This is the same woman he disowned his entire family for years ago. And it was just earlier this year when a sextape leaked of Khan pleasuring himself on camera while speaking to a female model—who is believed to be his former girlfriend—just weeks before his marriage to his wife.

Khan wasn’t too happy about his wife moving up weight classes to have sex with another boxer, heavyweight championship Anthony Joshua, so he ranted about it on social media.




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Then Faryl Makhdoom had something to say:

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Anthony Joshua had the best response of them all:


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