NYC Judge Hands Charles Oakley a One-Year Ban From MSG

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Charles Oakley probably doesn’t listen to a lot of people, but he’d be well-advised to heed the decision of an NYC judge yesterday. Following Oakley’s February 8th outburst that resulted in his ejection from a New York Knicks home game, the judge ruled that, in the face of assault, harassment, and trespassing charges, Oakley will be banned from Madison Square Garden for one year.

I guess that means he won’t be able to attend the upcoming 13-show residency that Phish has planned there. Bummer.

If he abides and doesn’t get in any more trouble for the next six months, the charges will be waived and Oakley will be free to intimidate and yell at people however he sees fit.

However, just because he’s allowed in MSG in a year, doesn’t mean he’ll receive a warm welcome at Knicks games. As best I can tell, that’s at the discretion of James Dolan, who still holds a grudge.

This might be the most compelling Knicks storyline of the season, so pay attention!

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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