Michelle Beadle: ‘White People Think Kaepernick’s Protest Was Anti-Police & It Wasn’t’ (VIDEO)

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What’s so amazing about this Colin Kaepernick situation is that he’s been the quietest person about it, while all of the noise is coming from different analysts, athletes, and sports networks.

On Thursday’s edition of SportsNation, ESPN’s Michelle Beadle, who’s no stranger to controversy, pretty much nipped the entire saga in the bud and called the situation for what it really is.  In the process, she called out a particular race for ignoring what the former San Francisco 49ers QB was protesting about, accusing them of creating something that wasn’t meant to be created.

“You know what this is about. You have very rich white owners. You have a stance that was taken that for many white people, they thought it was an anti-police stance 24/7. They didn’t want to here that it was about something else.”


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