Tony Romo Did a ‘Practice Broadcast’ with Jim Nantz Last Night (Video)

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 8.36.38 AM

As we all know, pre-season games are pretty much worthless, but at least last night’s Cowboys-Cardinals “game” served one person.  That one person is Tony Romo, who took his first crack at broadcasting since he announced his much-hyped transition to the broadcast booth.

Romo and Jim Nantz weren’t quite on the air. Rather, they were practicing on behalf of CBS while NBC took care of the announcing duties for the Hall Of Fame Game broadcast.

Here they are, getting the spotlight shined on them as they run through their banter and play calls:


He looks…like Tony Romo. And that will probably be enough for most NFL fans. I mean, who doesn’t like Tony Romo?

Even the “rivals” at NBC couldn’t help but welcome the guy to the club:

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