None Of The Last 13 Winners Of The Hall Of Fame Game Won A Playoff Game That Year

Hall of Fame Game - Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals

It’s been a while since the Dallas Cowboys had a team that could possibly compete for a Super Bowl, especially after coming off a 13-3 season where they had a first-round bye.

The team is looking to capitalize on a somewhat successful season last year, but with better postseason results. However, if history has its way, that won’t be happening at all.

On Thursday night, the Cowboys defeated the Arizona Cardinals 20-18. The problem with that is none of the past 13 winners of the Hall of Fame game went on to win a playoff game that same year.

Since 2001, the Giants, Chiefs, Redskins, Bears, Raiders, Steelers, Redskins, Titans, Cowboys, Saints, Cowboys, Giants, and Vikings all failed to win a playoff game after winning the Hall of Fame Game.

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