Jason Taylor’s Ex-Wife Sues Him For $3.4M One Day Before HOF; Pays $4K A Month In Child Support

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Just a little backstory here: Jason Taylor was married to the sister of his teammate Zach Thomas for years before they divorced in 2015.

Just one day before the former Miami Dolphins legend was set to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame forever, his ex-wife, Katina Thomas Taylor, decided to throw some salt on his party by filing a lawsuit, saying he paid her $3.4 million less than the $8.67 million their divorce settlement called for.

She claims Taylor is “willfully and deliberately refusing” to pay, and she revealed he has at least $6.9 million in assets to get her the remainder of her money.

According to court documents, Jason is paying $4,000 a month in child support and is providing health insurance for the couple’s three children.

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