LaDainian Tomlinson Pleads For Racial Unity During HOF Speech (VIDEO)

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On Saturday, LaDainian Tomlinson decided to use his platform to plead for all Americans to change their ways and for all races to unite with one another.

The former San Diego (Los Angeles) Chargers running back told a story of his great-great-great-grandfather coming to the America on a slave ship from West Africa. He then called for peace, as everyone is dealing with a tumultuous time in the States filled with racial and political divide.

“The family legacy that began in such a cruel way has given birth to generations of successful, caring Tomlinsons,” he said Saturday. “I firmly believe that God chose me to help bring two races together under one last name: Tomlinson. I’m of mixed race, and I represent America. My story is America’s story. All our ancestors, unless we’re American Indian, came from another country, another culture. Football is a microcosm of America. All races, religions, and creeds living, playing, competing side by side.”

“On America’s team, let’s not choose to be against one another. Let’s choose to be for one another. My great-great-great grandfather had no choice. We have one. I pray we dedicate ourselves to be the best team we can be, working and living together, representing the highest ideals of mankind, leading the way for all nations to follow. One of the most eloquent orators of our time said it best in his farewell address. Paraphrasing and humbly building upon what President Obama said, ‘We all have to try harder, show up, dive in and stay at it.’ I am asking you to believe in your ability to bring about change, to hold fast to the faith and the idea whispered by slaves: ‘Yes, we can.'”

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