Comedian Ryan Davis Perfectly Sums Up The Colin Kaepernick Situation (VIDEO)

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Everyday seems to bring a new theory as to why Colin Kaepernick is not in the league anymore. The majority of the reasons presented are simple deflections from the real reason. That real reason has everything to do with his decision to kneel in protest of the National Anthem during every game last year—which upset a bunch of people around the country.

Week after week, another terrible quarterback is being signed to a team, while Kaepernick, who has played in a Super Bowl and a couple conference title games, sits on the sideline waiting for a team to simply talk to him about coming aboard and competing for a job.

Comedian Ryan Davis rose to fame for his hilarious takes on everything from sports to entertainment. On Sunday, however, he decided to turn off his funny switch, get serious, and have a discussion about the former San Francisco 49ers QB.

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