Jets QB Christian Hackenberg Kicked Out of Practice For Not Knowing How To Break A Huddle Correctly

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets

This may be the most embarrassing thing someone has done in a Jets uniform since Mark Sanchez’s infamous butt fumble.

The New York Jets aren’t expected to contend for anything this year, except a top-3 draft pick in next year’s NFL draft, but they need to at least make it seem like they want to be competitive and know what they are doing.

The team currently has one of the sorriest lineups of quarterbacks ever assembled. Christian Hackenberg displayed that on Monday when he got himself kicked out of practice by the coaching staff because he couldn’t figure out how to break a huddle correctly. Seriously.

At this point, no one would blame a single Jets fan if they refused to show up to any games this year. We understand.

OH, and let’s just quickly check in on the twitter trolls…

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