Mets Announcer Was Not Happy With ESPN’s “Network Stooge” During ‘Sunday Night Baseball’ Delay (VIDEO)

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Yesterday’s Mets-Dodgers game was slated to be at 1 PM, but when they got chosen as the national television game for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, that start was bumped late enough that the fans wouldn’t be leaving until about 11 PM. On a Sunday night.

Mets announcer Howie Rose probably wasn’t too thrilled about the prospects of a late night.  And he certainly wasn’t thrilled about ESPN delaying the start of the game for whatever reason.

He informed his audience before the game that they were waiting on a “network stooge” to start.

Here are his awesome comments.

A transcript via FTW:

“Dodgers have won their first six and they’ll go for the season series sweep tonight just as soon as the network stooge down there says that it’s okay to play baseball. The pitcher Steven Matz is rubbing up the ball, he’s ready to go. The home plate umpire Tim Timmons, looking suitably disgusted, just took his mask off and kind of rests it against his left hip, as he helplessly stares near the Dodger dugout where said network stooge is holding all the cards. So, suspended animation on the field right now. You’ve got nine Mets standing around, you’ve got the Dodgers’ lead-off hitter Chris Taylor standing — it really is ludicrous! But now and only now do we get the okay, and so we’re going to have a baseball game here tonight, about seven hours later than we should have.”

Take THAT, Worldwide Leader in Sports!


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