LaVar Ball Said He Used to Bench Press HOW MUCH? (VIDEO)

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We all know the most dangerous place in the world is between LaVar Ball and a camera, so it’s no surprise that he used a few minutes of downtime at LAX to run his mouth about how great a FOOTBALL player he used to be back in the day.

Speaking to a TMZ minion, Ball said, “I was 270 lbs with a 48-inch vertical, benching 500 pounds, running a 4.5, 4.6.”

Huh. Sounds…literally unbelievable.

Look at LaMelo Ball, staring off, trying his best not to listen to his dad. Poor kid. We get to at least decide when we’ve had enough LaVar Ball, whereas Melo’s got his rants and delusions coming at him 24/7 in stereo.

LaVar swears that he’s using his failed attempts at stardom to see that his kids don’t make the same mistake. Or he’s using THEM to get that stardom a little further down the line.



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