Paul Malignaggi Calls Conor McGregor ‘One of the Biggest Dirtbags I’ve Ever Met’ (Video)

McGregor Malignaggi

Paulie Malignaggi was excited to help Conor McGregor train for his upcoming spectacle against Floyd Mayweather, but he quickly jumped ship because of the way he was treated by the MMA star in a professional setting.

Speaking to the MMA Hour, he shared the state of his living conditions in Vegas.

It’s in a dilapidated neighborhood. It’s a rundown house. I mean, yeah, it works. But it’s not really what you expect. … It reminded me of some kind of crack house that had been barely renovated a little bit.”

At one point Malignaggi goes off on MaGregor during his discussion with Ariel Helwani (via SI):

“This guy is one of the biggest dirtbags I’ve ever met in my life – bar none,” Malignaggi said. “I was amazed at what a dirtbag this person is. I don’t care if we never speak again. My life is fine if I never see Conor McGregor again.”

Malignaggi went into extreme detail about his experience as McGregor’s training partner. He also called him a “bitch” while using his loss to Nate Diaz as proof.

If you’re interested in hearing exactly why Malignaggi thinks McGregor is a dirtbag, I suggest you check out the video below. (It’s already teed up for the start of the interview.)

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