Stephen A. Smith: Cutler Is The Epitome of White Privilege After He Got Job Over Colin Kaepernick (VIDEO)


Stephen A. Smith is fed up and he’s not taking it anymore…Actually, he’s always fed up with something.

On Monday’s edition of ‘First Take’, Stephen A. was steaming about the Miami Dolphins begging former Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler to come out of retirement and sign a 1-year deal to be the starter after Ryan Tannehill went down.

Will Cain argued that, while Cutler isn’t the best QB in the league, he isn’t terrible and therefore is the right man for the job.

Stephen A. Smith couldn’t take it anymore and interrupted him mid-sentence, saying, “You make me sick sometimes. Just be quiet and listen.”

It all went downhill for Cain after that.

The full segment:

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