Ex-College Football Kicker Drops Diss Track Aimed At NCAA After Losing Eligibility Over YouTube Channel (VIDEO)

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In June, Donald De La Haye’s days as a kicker for Central Florida’s football team were seemingly coming to an end after the NCAA gave him an ultimatum—either shut down his YouTube channel, for which he makes money from ad revenue, or quit college sports.

Last week, he made the tough decision to give up his NCAA eligibility rather than comply with NCAA rules that say he cannot make money off his own image. 

The story doesn’t end there.

Haye’s had about 53,000 followers before the incident with the NCAA and now he has over 175,000 subscribers, so he decided to celebrate by dropping a diss track on the matter.

“I couldn’t even pay for food, now I can go cop me a chain,” he says at the beginning of the song.

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