Jameis Winston’s Poor Upbringing Takes Center Stage in First Episode of HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ (Videos)

jameis winston hard knocks poor upbringing crocodile hunter with roaches

Officially, this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks will chronicle the Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp. Unofficially, it’s going to be all about quarterback Jameis Winston.

The first episode of the long-running HBO Sports documentary series aired on Tuesday night, and the Bucs’ third-year signal caller immediately took center stage.

Right off the bat Winston visited his hometown of Bessemer, Alabama, and showed the Hard Knocks crew all around his grandmother’s house, where a lot of his family still lives. He started with his childhood bedroom, which he says slept as many as seven people at one time. He even points out the very bed he used to sleep in.

Next Winston takes the crew outside, where he shows them their rusty old barbecue grill, which is still there right next to their new one. Then he shows the spigot where he’d get a drink of water, and right next to that the spot where all the men of the house would go to urinate when the line for the bathroom was too long.

Finally, Winston shows off his impressive knowledge of the mating habits of cockroaches, giving us one of the greatest athlete quotes of all time.

Take a look:

“I feel like the Crocodile Hunter with roaches.”

I guess we know what Jameis’ new nickname is going to be.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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