Matt Leinart & Brady Quinn Threw Some Pretty Savage Shots At Each Other Over The Infamous ‘Bush Push’ (TWEETS)

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Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn might be what you call ‘teammates’ as football analysts for Fox Sports, but that doesn’t mean they’ve let go of the past. After all, a rivalry is a rivalry and it never dies down.

On Tuesday, the two former quarterbacks squared off against each other for the first time since that infamous 2005 USC-Notre Dame game that became known as the “Bush Push.” That game ended when Reggie Bush pushed quarterback Matt Leinart into the end zone for the winning touchdown. It was controversial then and it’s still controversial today.

Almost twelve years after the fact, Quinn decided to bring it back up again. It started with a quote from Quinn stating the USC Trojans cheated, and Matt Leinart knows it.

Matt Leinart got word of it and responded:

Quinn punched back:

Leinart countered with:

Their college time was the highlight of their careers, as Quinn fizzled out of the NFL after four years and Leinart was done after six.

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