O.J. Simpson’s Infamous White Bronco Will Be Featured on ‘Pawn Stars’ (VIDEO)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

The White Bronco will forever be synonymous with former Buffalo Bills RB O.J. Simpson, as it was his main getaway ride during his infamous 1994 police chase that just so happened to be televised at the same time as the NBA Finals.

That Bronco is now up for sale and is slated to appear on an upcoming episode of ‘Pawn Stars.’ Mike Gilbert, who used to manage Simpson and is the current owner of the Bronco, took it all the way to Las Vegas in hopes of convincing co-owner Rick Harrison to purchase the timeless piece from him.

“Not many people realize it’s for sale … and I just thought it was a really cool thing to put on the show,” Harrison told Michael Starr of the New York Post. “I never glorify gangsters or murderers on the show … and I think O.J. is a douchebag … who did some really bad things. I’m a dad with six kids and I’m trying to teach each of them a little bit of morality.

“But I felt it would be good for the show and I figured I’d give it a shot.”

The episode is reportedly titled “If the Pawn Don’t Fit,” and it’s scheduled to air next week on August 14th.

Here’s a preview:

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