Skip Bayless: ‘If Black Players Unite & Refuse To Play Game 1, Something Will Get Done’ (VIDEO)

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As we move to under a month to go before the start of the NFL season, the biggest story that ended last year is still the biggest story as we get set to enter a new year.  Colin Kaepernick is still not signed to a team, and it is widely believed that he is being blackballed from the league after he kneeled in protest of the National Anthem.

Normally, a player coming off a year where they had 16 touchdowns to only 4 interceptions would have their phone ringing off the hook to get them signed, but a fear in fan backlash combined with other reasons has stopped every NFL owner from pulling the trigger.

On Tuesday’s edition of the ‘Undisputed’ on Fox Sports 1, Skip Bayless suggested that if every single black player in the league stood together and refused to play Game 1 of the season, it would have an immediate impact and something would surely get done.

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