Chuck D Says If You’re Really Upset About Kaepernick Not Being Signed, Boycott Your Team For A Year (VIDEO)

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The public has spoken…and by public, I mean a legendary member of the group, Public Enemy.

TMZ recently caught up with rap legend Chuck D, who suggested that if fans are really as upset as they say they are about the Colin Kaepernick situation, then they should take part in a serious boycott of the league.

“Don’t go to the sports bars. Don’t turn the game on. Leave your team for a year.”

He also stated that people making claims like “his game has fallen off since his Supper Bowl appearance,” or that “he doesn’t warrant at least a 2nd or 3rd string job” is absolutely ridiculous.

He made it clear that simple protesting probably won’t get them far, as the owners won’t really care about a bunch of people picketing with signs. So turning off your TV and not spending your money is probably the only way to hurt them.

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