“Rally Cat” Runs Onto Field During Cards-Royals Game, Yadier Molina Hits Grand Slam on Next Pitch (Video)

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Image via Getty

Looks like the famous St. Louis Cardinals “Rally Squirrel” has some competition.

A small cat stormed the field at Busch Stadium on Wednesday night, interrupting the game between the Cardinals and the Royals with the bases loaded in the bottom of the sixth inning and the home team trailing 6-5. Then, on the first pitch after the cat was removed from the field, Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina smacked a grand slam over the left field fence.

You cannot make this stuff up.

While fans and media in St. Louis were quick to name the interrupting feline the “Rally Cat” and proclaim it a hero, the grounds crew employee charged with catching the animals begs to f#&%ing differ. That sweet little kitty tore this poor dude to shreds.

As for the home run, the Royals call was pure gold. As the crowd in St. Louis goes absolutely insane, the announcers just groan and say “oh no” in unison.

For those who may no remember, a squirrel interrupted a game during the Cardinals’ National League Division Series against the Phillies back in 2011, running right through the batters box and in front of home plate. The Cardinals would go on to win that series against the heavily favored Phillies, and after they beat the Rangers in the World Series they put the Rally Squirrel on their championship rings.

Of course, Wednesday night’s outcome wasn’t half as dramatic as the Cardinals’ 2011 postseason run. But they did go on to beat the Royals 8-5 thanks to Yadi’s cat-assisted grand slam.

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