Steph Curry Goes 23-for-25 in Three-Point Contest at His Camp for Elite HS Players (Video)

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Image via Getty

Steph Curry doesn’t care if he’s playing NBA All-Stars or a bunch of high school kids. If he’s on the basketball court, he’s there to win.

Curry is currently holding his SC30 Select Camp for elite high school players in Walnut Creek, California. On Wednesday the camp held a three-point contest, and Curry showed why he’s the best three-point shooter in NBA history. The two-time NBA MVP went an insane 23-for-25, making it look so easy that the two misses almost seem surreal.

Take a look:

For a little context, Steph Curry went 27-for-34 (.794) when he won the three-point contest at the 2014-15 NBA All-Star Game. Klay Thompson went 27-for-34 when he won it the following year, and Eric Gordon went 21-for-34 (.617) when he won it this year.

Obviously, at his camp Curry attempted nine fewer shots, but 23-for-25 still works out to a bonkers .920 shooting percentage.

The main lesson we all need to take away from this is that Steph Curry is really, really good at shooting three-pointers.

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