NFLPA President Offers Colin Kaepernick Support, Believes He’s Being Blackballed

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With less than a month to go before the start of a brand new NFL season, Colin Kaepernick is still yet to sign with a team, but he received some much needed support on Saturday.

NFLPA president Eric Winston says the association is ready to help the free agent QB with whatever he needs.

“We’ve been in contact with Colin’s representatives, and we’ve let them know that we’re there and ready to help with whatever they’d like – whether it’s just some guidance on PR or whatever,” Winston told Deadspin’s Dom Cosentino on Friday. “I know they’ve chosen to lay low, and I respect that. Every player has to make a decision on how they want the union’s help, and I completely understand that, and that’s fine.

“The union’s always stood ready to help him in any way that we need to. We will continue to monitor that situation, we’ll continue to do anything that we can to make sure that he has another opportunity to play. At the end of the day, that’s really it. We’re not going to force ourselves on a player. He’s calling the shots, he wants what he wants, and I respect that, and that’s what we’ll do.”

Winston also believes that the former San Francisco 49ers QB is being blackballed, but noted that it’s a really hard thing to prove, evidence wise.

“Of course. You definitely get that feeling – obviously, that’s very hard to prove and it’s very hard to show. But, at the same time, for Christ’s sakes, you have an owner out there publicly saying, ‘I’m polling fans to decide whether I should have this guy on my team or not.’ It’s obvious that owners are scared of it, are worried about it.

“That’s fine. I guess that’s their business or whatever. But it kind of seems a little ridiculous to me. To act like Colin isn’t one of the top – let’s just call it 64 quarterbacks in the world right now is even more disingenuous. The fact that he’s not on a team right now, I think, kind of speaks to that. It’s kind of pretty silly.”

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