REPORT: Kyrie Irving Prefers To Be Traded To The LA Clippers

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It looks like Kyrie Irving has pinpointed yet another potential franchise he would like to take his talents to.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star reportedly wants to be traded to the Los Angeles Clippers, according to Peter Vecsey. During a guest appearance on the HoopsHype podcast, Vecsey stated that the Clippers’ hiring of Jerry West makes them a prime candidate for the disgruntled Irving.

“I’m told [Kyrie] wants to play for the Clippers. […] That’s the team I was told he wants to play.

“He loves L.A. He’s been working out a lot there this summer.

“Do they have the assets they get him? I don’t see how. But they also have Jerry West and he’s been able to figure out before.”

(Starting at 1:13:23):

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