Houston Fans Start Petition To Ban Rapper Bun B From Cheering For All Houston Sports

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Houston fans are fed up.

Bun B from the legendary rap group Underground Kingz has been known to show up to make appearances and create songs for the Houston Texans, Astros, and Rockets.  But each time he does, something goes terribly wrong with whatever franchise he is cheering for at the moment.

At least one Houston fan was sick of it after Bun B dropped a music video for the surging Houston Astros, onlyu to watch them go 3-9 ever since—including five straight losses at one point. So, he took to Change.org and petitioned Mayor Sylvester Turner, Rockets owner Daryl Morey, Texans owner Bob McNair, and Astros owner Jim Crane to stop Bun B from cheering for all things Houston.

It reads as follows:

“Bun B is a rapper from Port Author, Texas who supports Houston Sports. We respect Bun B the rapper but not Bun B the fan. Why? Because his support is bad for our teams. We have lost players, primetime games and shots at championships every time he’s involved from appearances to his songs. The fans are growing tired and this has been going on the past 5 years. He only comes around when we are winning so its only right ban him from the teams. He is a bandwagon for his image”

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