Ex-NHLer Jeremy Roenick Says He’d Rather Have A Wife Beater On His Team Than Someone Who Sits During Anthem

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The worse thing about the internet is that false things can be spread like wildfire and people will die before believing it wasn’t true.

Former NHL player Jeremy Roenick is finding that out the hard way when he took to Twitter on Monday and posted a screenshot of an article that had a quote from Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison that stated, ‘Anyone on my team sits for the anthem, they better be in a wheelchair’.

Only problem with that is Harrison never said that. Roenick captioned his post, Now this is a man I want on my team! Too bad we have to sit around and watch disrespectful athletes sit on coolers!! Disgraceful!


People quickly reminded him of Harrison’s past issues, which include him beating his girlfriend in front of their kids. Social media had a lot to say about this: