Jabrill Peppers Baptized His Teammate With Vicious Tackle; Intercepts Brock Osweiler (VIDEO)

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Today was day 14 of Cleveland Browns camp and the intensity was amped up.  But when it was all said and done, everyone was talking about rookie safety Jabrill Peppers.

Poor wide receiver Rannell Hall had his name come up during camp and it wasn’t because he did something great. He caught a pass towards the sideline during practice, only to be baptized by Peppers shortly after.

At least he held on to the pass.

Head coach Hue Jackson was asked about the hit after practice. He said he’d rather not see that type of teammate-on-teammate violence.

“Yeah, that is football. You don’t want those, but they are going to happen. It is a live period. He was trying to get the ball out. There is no question. He wasn’t trying to hurt him. He was trying to tackle him and get him down. Sometimes that is a reflex by players. It is OK.”


Oh, and Peppers also picked off QB Brock Osweiler during practice. Check out the highlight package the Cleveland Browns put together on Monday.  

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