Jeter’s Ownership Group Might Remove That Awesomely Gaudy Home Run Statue from Marlins Park (Pic)

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 9.03.37 AM

It looks like Derek Jeter’s ownership group is soon going to be running the Miami Marlins. The move still needs the approval of the other Major League owners, but once that happens, it will be over and done.

With their arrival, the legendary Marlins Park home run statue may be over and done with as well.

For those unfamiliar with the installment, you can see it in the tweet below. It’s been in the park since the beginning in 2012 and cost a staggering $2.5 million. Now, FanRagSports is reporting that Jeter’s thinking about removing the thing altogether.

Why he wishes to do so remains unclear.

It’s unpleasant to think of the legendary statue being removed, but it’s also very fun to think of where else it could end up. A high school ballpark? A massive South Beach condo? They should televise the auctioning of this thing.

These days, ballparks seem to all gravitate towards the same things, so let’s hope that Jeter changes his mind and allows the ugly art to stick around.

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