Roger Goodell Never Met Nor Asked Ezekiel Elliott’s Accuser Why She Lied & Threatened to Ruin His Career


Last week, Roger Goodell and the NFL handed down a six game suspension to Ezekiel Elliott for a domestic violence claim brought on by his ex-girlfriend—as well as other incidents he’s been involved in over the past year.

To make such a decision, the NFL must have found some additional evidence that investigators didn’t see, right? WRONG.

According to a report, commissioner Roger Goodell, who handed down the suspension, didn’t even bother to attend certain important hearings regarding the case. He also never even met with the accuser to ask her pertinent questions, like why she lied and threatened to end Zeke’s career.

“Goodell made the decision to suspend Elliott six games, Goodell did not personally attend the most important meeting regarding the investigation.

The NFL, after previously not commenting on the matter, has acknowledged that Goodell was not present for the June 26, 2017 hearing that preceded the issuance of discipline. reported in late July that Goodell didn’t attend any of the hearings involving Elliott.

With credibility being such a critical aspect of this matter, it’s difficult to make a conclusion about Elliott’s credibility without personally attending the June 26 hearing

Per a source with knowledge of the investigation, Goodell also did not meet with Tiffany Thompson, whose credibility also is at issue.

On a matter of such importance and sensitivity to the league, to the Cowboys, and to Elliott, with one of the NFL’s brightest young stars being branded a domestic abuser under a very low 51-49 standard of proof, how can a reliable decision be made if the person making the decision did not directly assess the credibility of the witnesses?

Here’s the truth: It can’t. While the four independent advisors may individually and collectively be capable of assessing witness credibility, they weren’t the ones making the decision. The person who made the decision needed to be in the room, studying every word, facial expression, and gesture. Without that, the grade on the Commissioner’s decision as to Elliott is incomplete, at best.”

Here are some of the threats Tiffany Thompson threw at the Dallas Cowboys running back:

▪ After being told Elliott didn’t want her at his house on July 21 and he didn’t want her coming out with him, Thompson responded with: “Ok this is what you want? Ok then, I’m going to ruin your life. You will see. If I was you, I wouldn’t go out tonight.”

▪ After being told she couldn’t come to Elliott’s 21st birthday party, Thompson told him “that’s worst decision you made in your life. I’m going to ruin you life now.”

▪ The report also details a text message in which Thompson told Elliott: “You better be smart. And not be a dumb man.”

▪ After not being allowed in the after party, she was heard yelling and screaming that “your career is over” and then proceeded to call the police.

▪ Elliott is also “100 percent certain” Thompson told him on July 22, “You are a black male athlete. I’m a white girl. They are not going to be believe you.”

The above threats were made on July 21 and July 22. Thompson called to police accusing Elliott of assaulting her while they were in a parked vehicle on the 22nd.

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