Wrestling Legend Ric Flair Is Reportedly In a Medically Induced Coma


Over the weekend, the wrestling community got a scare when it was reported that the legendary Ric Flair was being hospitalized for heart-related issues, but his reps claimed it was due to “routine monitoring.”

That routine monitoring escalated rather quickly when TMZ reported on Monday that the 68-year-old was in a medically induced coma and was preparing for surgery.

“The 68-year-old wrestling icon was admitted to the hospital early Saturday morning and the situation has gotten more serious.

We’re told Flair is set to undergo a procedure momentarily, though we’re not being told what the procedure is … though Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that it’s a heart related issue.

Flair’s rep had previously asked for thoughts and prayers for the Nature Boy. “

Prominent wrestling reporter Dave Meltzer also gave an update and it didn’t sound good:

“Charlotte was well aware of everything while in China, that much I know. She was one of the few.

“Must have been a turn for the worst. I was pretty concerned when I heard nothing all day, was just too long since I heard from anyone.”

Thoughts and prayers to Flair and his family.

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