Daniel Cormier Says He Doesn’t Remember Anything After Being KO’d By Jon Jones

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Daniel Cormier recently opened up about his recent fight against Jon Jones, and the details aren’t pretty. Following his loss in UFC 214, Cormier reveals that he doesn’t remember anything for a good ten minutes after the fight’s stoppage.

His recollection is a little freaky (transcript via The Score):

I’m still missing time. I don’t remember any of that. I don’t remember leaving the Octagon. I’m missing probably 10 minutes. I mean, if I can’t remember 10 minutes, I’m pretty sure I had a concussion. I just don’t recall those 10 minutes and I’m not exactly sure that I’m ever going to get that time back.

Cormier goes on to say that he thought things were going well, but a kick to the head by Jones changed the trajectory of the fight. He doesn’t remember the kick, either.

In case you don’t remember it either, here it is:

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