ESPN Held A Fantasy Football Auction That Looked Eerily Similar To The Movie ‘Get Out’ (VIDEO)

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If you played fantasy football before, then you’ve probably done something similar to what ESPN recently did.

On Monday, the Worldwide Leader in Sports held a Fantasy Football Auction that had a crowd of people bidding on different NFL players. Even the auctioneer was authentic, voice and all.

What made it weird was the auctioneer holding a stick with New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr.’s face on it while a crowd of people bid on him. It looked eerily similar to the auction scene from the hit movie ‘Get Out.’


It’s such a weird time in this country, so this may not have been the best idea right now. It’s worth noting that other players were bid on as well, but only Odell’s part of the skit was recorded by the Twitter user.

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