Paul Malignaggi Reveals He Wants to Fight Conor McGregor in 2018

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

I guess Paulie Malignaggi could only stand to be Conor McGregor‘s whipping boy for so long before he put his foot down. The Irishman’s sparring partner has gone on record as saying he wants a chance to dispel the rumors that McGregor dominated him in training sessions by squaring off in a legit fight in 2018.

According to The Score, Malignaggi said, “When you don’t like a guy, you don’t spar with them – you fight them. Now the bad blood is there. Now we got a fight.”

McGregor has expressed no interest in fighting Malignaggi.  Heck, he may never even step foot in a boxing ring again after he takes on Floyd Mayweather later this month.  Nonetheless, Malignaggi is hoping for a St. Patty’s Day fight.

We’ll see how McGregor fares in the earlier bout, and if he’s still alive at the end. Then maybe he’ll be able to talk about his next matchup.

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