Phil Kessel Owns Toronto Sportswriter by Turning Stanley Cup Into World’s Classiest Hot Dog Holder (Pic)

phil kessel eats hot dogs out of stanley cup

The hockey media in Toronto never liked Phil Kessel. They didn’t like that former GM Brian Burke traded a draft pick that later became Tyler Seguin to get him. And despite the fact that he scored 181 goals in six seasons with the Maple Leafs, many if not most of the team’s failures were laid squarely at his feet.

Nobody was harder on Phil Kessel than Toronto Sun columnist Steve Simmons. Simmons thought Kessel was fat and lazy, and when the Leafs finally traded him to the Pittsburgh Penguins, he wrote a story—one that was later debunked—about how Kessel would get a hot dog from the same Toronto street vendor every day.

Of course, as you probably know, Phil Kessel has now won two consecutive Stanley Cups with the Pittsburgh Penguins. And while Sidney Crosby was obviously the most valuable player during those championship runs, Phil Kessel was a close second.

The fat, hot dog-loving slob who couldn’t win led the Penguins in goals and points during their 2015-16 championship run. He was second in goals and third in points during their 2016-17 championship run.

Naturally, Phil Kessel has not forgotten the way he was treated by Steve Simmons. And on Monday, during his day with the Stanely Cup, he totally owned that hack with a couple of brilliant Instagram pics.

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Hotdogs taste better out of The Cup! #twotime #statestreetbrats

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Well played, Phil Kessel.

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