Tim Brown on Lynch Protest: ‘People Turn To Football To Get Away From Political Stuff; Why Bring Negativity?’ (VIDEO)

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Former NFL wide receiver Tim Brown is not on board with Marshawn Lynch sitting during the playing of the National Anthem. He feels the Raiders have something special going on and he doesn’t want his negative attention to screw it all up.

The former Oakland Raiders great, and one of the greatest players in franchise history, recently sat down with TMZ. During their chat, he was asked how he felt about Marshawn Lynch joining the Oakland Raiders following their promising 2016 campaign, only to start 2017 off by sitting during the National Anthem in their first preseason game.

“Why man? Why bring this to yourself? He has the perfect thing going on in Oakland. Why bring negativity to this incredible positive situation? … I just don’t get it.”

“I understand these guys man, they’re trying to make statements and they’re trying to be a part of this world but football is where people go to get away from that stuff.”

Brown believes all that political stuff needs to stay out of the workplace.

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