Tim Tebow Makes Fan’s Day By Recording Video For His Grandma (Video)

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 8.42.53 AM

Now that Tebow-mania is over in the NFL, we can put the hype behind us and appreciate Tim Tebow for the solid dude he really is.

When a fan recently approached him for an autograph, they came with another request: to say hello to their elderly grandmother who recently suffered a stroke. The fan asked Tebow to just say “hello,” but the former football star offered up far more.

And what’s even more amazing is the reaction from the grandmother as she watched Tebow’s message—which the fan also recorded for us to see.

You can check out both Tebow’s message and the reaction in the video below:

He may not be enjoying the same type of fame and success that he endured while in the NFL, but Tim Tebow seems to be living a pretty great life these days. Hopefully, other athletes who are blessed with more success will take a cue from his good deeds.

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