49ers GM John Lynch Says Anthem Protests are Divisive; Uses Warren Sapp as Example of Unity (VIDEO)

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If you ever wondered why so many players around the league choose to stay quiet on the National Anthem protest debate, it’s because of what John Lynch said on Wednesday.

Following a joint practice with the Denver Broncos, the San Francisco 49ers GM spoke with reporters and let his feelings be known about the current state of the NFL and the protests. He talked about how he would feel if one of his players decided to take part in the national anthem  protest this season.

“I’ve got my own feelings about it and I think my strongest feeling – we had a great deal the other day where we had four chairs up there and there was Steve Young and Jerry Rice and they talked about ‘The 49er Way’ and I always thought it’s one of the great things about this league …You strive for a common goal and you have unity. I think this game brings people together.

“I think partially when I see that I think that’s divisive, and I understand guys see things and they’re not happy. And they have that right and I think we’ll always respect people’s rights. That doesn’t mean I believe that. I believe this game should be celebrated for what it is. I think it’s a tremendous unifier for our country and for the way things should be.”

Lynch suggest that an anthem protest has the power to kill team camaraderie and unity. He used his good friend and former NFL player Warren Sapp as an example.

“Bill Walsh used to speak about it, you take guys from all over the country, different socioeconomic backgrounds, different racial backgrounds and you have friends for life. Warren Sapp’s here today working with our defensive line because he’s a buddy of mine and always will be. Those type of stories get lost in something like this, but they’ve got their reasons and we’ll always be respectful of those.”


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