Floyd Mayweather Opened Up About His Strip Club on ‘Kimmel’, and It Was Just Terrible (Video)


I’m pretty sure that everyone has made up their mind about Floyd Mayweather by now. Which is to say, everyone knows he’s pretty much a gross, illiterate human being who’s only motivated by the validation money gives him.

Oh, and he treats women like objects, too.

He admitted as much when speaking to Jimmy Kimmel on his show last night. Speaking about his terribly-named strip club “Girl Collection,” he said, “I got into the business because I know that the breasts, vagina, music and alcohol will never go out of style.”

Great, Floyd.

Here’s the whole interview, which pretty much will make you hate him even more.

Floyd also said that he hasn’t gotten a lap dance in 20 years, which, considering how much he hangs out with strippers, seems like a big ole’ lie.

Kimmel played along, but it’s hard to fault him for that, seeing as how it’s pretty much his job to make sure the other person talks. And this seems like the only thing that Mayweather knows how to talk about.

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