LeBron Doubles Down on Trump Criticism, Refers to Him as “So-Called President” (Video)


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LeBron James dipped his toes into the muddy water of American politics last fall, when he campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Ohio. He got ankle deep earlier this year when he spoke out against President Trump‘s travel ban.

This week he’s in it up to his armpits.

On Saturday, as the world watched white supremacists march on Charlottesville, LeBron suggested to his 37.6 million Twitter followers that, contrary to the famous campaign slogan, President Trump is not making America great again. On Wednesday he took his criticism of the President a step further.

In a tweet Wednesday afternoon, LeBron said Trump has made hate fashionable again. Speaking at a charity event in Sandusky, Ohio, on Wednesday night, LeBron referred to Trump as the “so-called president of the United States.”

Take a look:

Here’s the transcript of his remarks:

“I know there’s a lot of tragic things happening in Charlottesville. I just want to speak on it right now. I have this platform and I’m somebody that has a voice of command, and the only way for us to be able to get better as a society and us to get better as people is love.

“And that’s the only way we’re going to be able to conquer something at the end of the day. It’s not about the guy that’s the so-called president of the United States, or whatever the case. It’s not about a teacher that you don’t feel like cares about what’s going on with you every day. It’s not about people that you just don’t feel like want to give the best energy and effort to you. It’s about us. It’s about us looking in the mirror. Kids all the way up to the adults. It’s about all of us looking in the mirror and saying, ‘What can we do better to help change?’ And if we can all do that and give 110 percent…then that’s all you can ask for.

“So, shoutout to the innocent people in Charlottesville and shoutout to everybody across the world that just want to be great and just want to love. Thank you, and I love you all.”

Cue the “stick to basketball” hot takes.

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