Odell Beckham Jr. Was NOT IMPRESSED with Video of ESPN Auctioning Him Off to a Bunch of White Dudes (Tweet)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Apparently the folks running ESPN haven’t been paying much attention to the news this week.

On Monday, as part of their “Fantasy Sports Marathon” over on ESPN 2, the Worldwide Leader held a fantasy football auction in which a group of men bid on players for their fantasy football team.

The problem? The group doing the buying consisted almost entirely of white men, while most of the players being “bought” were black. After watching white supremacist sh*theads march and spew hate in Charlottesville over the weekend, a lot of people thought this “fantasy auction” felt a little too much like a slave auction.


In this particular segment, we see New York Giants superstar Odell Beckham Jr. being purchased.

On Tuesday, somebody brought this clip to OBJ’s attention, and let’s just say he was not impressed:

ESPN is lucky Odell Beckham Jr. was just “speechless.” NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant was able to conjure up more than a few words for this nonsense, and they were not kind.

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