This Insane Golf Shot Is Definitely Real, Yet Still Inexplicable (Video)

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So many “trick shots” across sports on the Internet are either fake or attempted so many times that their eventual success is inevitable. It’s ok to be skeptical. But there’s no need for that here, because this crazy stunt is 100% authentic.

This Instagrammer didn’t use any editing tricks, just some crazy hand-eye coordination, some deft club moves, and pinpoint accuracy when comes to sinking the ping-pong ball in a red solo cup about ten feet away. She seems to know what she’s doing, so something tells me that this wasn’t her first time pulling off this trick.

It’s a sight to behold. So check it out:

When you gotta use a random ball cause you can’t find your beer pong balls…. #puma #pumagolf #cobragolf #itstoohottodotricksoutside #overduecuptrick

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